Open Heaven 22 January 2021 Friday – Restitution

Open Heaven 22 January 2021 Memorise: And Zacchaeus stood, and said unto the Lord; Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken any thing from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold. – Luke 19:8

Read: Leviticus 6:1-5 Open Heaven 22 January 2021

1 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

2 If a soul sin, and commit a trespass against the LORD, and lie unto his neighbour in that which was delivered him to keep, or in fellowship, or in a thing taken away by violence, or hath deceived his neighbour;

3 Or have found that which was lost, and lieth concerning it, and sweareth falsely; in any of all these that a man doeth, sinning therein:

4 Then it shall be, because he hath sinned, and is guilty, that he shall restore that which he took violently away, or the thing which he hath deceitfully gotten, or that which was delivered him to keep, or the lost thing which he found,

5 Or all that about which he hath sworn falsely; he shall even restore it in the principal, and shall add the fifth part more thereto, and give it unto him to whom it appertaineth, in the day of his trespass offering.

Bible in One Year: Deuteronomy 29-31

Hymnal: Sing Hymn 11

MESSAGE: – Open Heaven 22 January 2021 Friday Daily Devotional

Restitution means making right something you have done wrong. If you have stolen something, you should return it now that you are saved. Restitution is proof that you feel sorry for sins committed in the past and wish that you had not committed them in the first place.

I recall some time ago when I was still a schoolteacher, I needed an extra mattress for visitor, so I took one from the school’s dormitory. After the visitor left, I retained it and also took it along when I was leaving the school. About seven years later, I gave my life to Christ and my conscience began to prick me. I decided to restitute. Since I had been using it for seven years, I knew it wouldn’t be right to just return it, so I paid back double the value of the mattress to the school. Nobody told me to do that, I did it because I realized that what I did was wrong, and I wanted to put things right. You should however seek Christian counselling if you are not sure of how to go about restitution.

Don’t mind any Pastor who tells you that there is no need for restitution. If you are genuinely born again, the Holy Spirit will not allow you rest until you have returned whatever it is you took wrongfully. Now, if you are trying to restitute for what happened a very long time ago, you must be just. For example, if you stole N17 when it had huge value, it would be wrong to return N17 today. Find out the equivalent of that amount in today’s market, or how much interest it would have accrued now if the owner had put it in the bank, then return the sum. Restitution is not a religious act; it is borne out of regret for the past and a willingness to correct it.

“If a man shall deliver unto his neighbour money or stuff to keep, and it be stolen out of the man’s house; if the thief be found let him pay double.” – Exodus 22:7

When someone puts something in your care and It goes missing, you should restitute, unless the owner says otherwise.

If you borrow someone’s car and it got damaged in your custody, it is your responsibility to repair it. If you cannot afford the repair at that time, don’t act as if nothing happened; report the matter to the owner of the car, apologize and humbly ask him to help you repair it, promising to repay once you can afford it. If the owner says you should not worry, then you are free.

Like Zacchaeus in today’s memory verse, we must understand and abide by the principle of restitution.

Key Point: Open Heaven 22 January 2021

Is there anything the Holy Spirit keeps reminding you to restitute? Go ahead and do it immediately!

Open Heaven 22 January 2021 Friday

Hymn 11: I Need Thee Ev’ry Hour

  1. I need Thee every hour,
    Most gracious Lord;
    No tender voice like Thine
    Can peace afford.

I need Thee, oh, I need Thee;
Every hour I need Thee;
Oh, bless me now, my Savior,
I come to Thee.

  1. I need Thee every hour,
    Stay Thou nearby;
    Temptations lose their pow’r
    When Thou art nigh.
  2. I need Thee every hour,
    In joy or pain;
    Come quickly and abide,
    Or life is vain.
  3. I need Thee every hour;
    Teach me Thy will;
    And Thy rich promises
    In me fulfill.
  4. I need Thee every hour,
    Most Holy One;
    Oh, make me Thine indeed,
    Thou blessed Son.

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