WEDNESDAY 21ST Februay 2018 RCCG Fasting DAY 42

WEDNESDAY 21ST Februay 2018 RCCG Fasting DAY 42


rccg fasting 2018

These are the prayer points from our Daddy Pastor E.A Adeboye concerning the 2018 Prayer and fasting for 2018 the first lap (Day 42). Lets all be watchful and prayerful, You need to pray to the Lord and He will hear our cry


Restoration can be immediate, gradual of progressive. It can be partial or total recovery.

However, restitution is essential for total restoration.

  1. Father!!! Thank you for being a giver and not a taker

  2. Father!!! By fire by force, break into pieces every stubborn mountain in my life today.

  3. Holy Spirit remind me everything I need to restitute to trigger the release of my complete restoration this year

  4. Father!!! Replace every sorrow of loss with joy of restoration in my life

  5. Lord of Hosts, arise and give me victory over every power that is stealing or taking away joy from me

  6. Failures at the edge of my breakthroughs and restoration be destroy by fire in Jesus name

  7. You!!! saboteurs of my restoration, I command you be disgrace and displace by fire in Jesus name


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    • Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray the same way you have prayed in Jesus Name Amen. Our God of Restoration will do all that is needed to make us pregnant before this fasting is over in Jesus Name Amen and Amen. Thank you Lord for what you have done and what you are yet to do for all power belongs to you and you alone.

  • I decree in the name above every other name (Jesus) before the end of the fasting and prayer I will celebrate my wedding in Jesus name, Amen.