SATURDAY 17TH FEB 2018 RCCG Fasting DAY 38

SATURDAY 17TH FEB 2018 RCCG Fasting DAY 38


rccg fasting 2018

These are the prayer points from our Daddy Pastor E.A Adeboye concerning the 2018 Prayer and fasting for 2018 the first lap (Day 38). Lets all be watchful and prayerful, You need to pray to the Lord and He will hear our cry

  1. Intense praise and worship

  2. Thank God for a new day and for the salvation of your soul

  3. Father, send real labourers into the field to harvest the ripped souls Matt. 9:37

  4. Oh lord, by your power eliminate the weariness in the life of your ministers Ex. 17:12

  5. Our Lord and maker, please remove every hireling among the ministers and replace them with shepherd John 10:12-13

  6. Father, help the church to make the right choices and reset our priorities Luke 10:41

  7. Father give us the grace to be effective in soul winning this year, 2018

  8. Father, help us to be faithful in giving our first fruit, tithes and offering throughout this New Year 2018

  9. Father arise, and show yourself mighty on our behalf and on the behalf of our, parishes and family members

  10. Father help me to forever be relevant and never become a man of yesterday. 1 Sam 16:1


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